Learn About Art Printing Paper & Art Printer Paper


Ask any photographer or artist and they will tell you that the quality of art or photographic work depends on the quality of the paper. Not every paper can be used as an art printing paper and therefore it is the mandate of the user to find just the right printing paper for their work. However, with so many choices in the market, choosing just what one needs can really be an overwhelming task. Many photographers and fine artists will have different preferences when it comes to choosing their papers but all in all, there are basic guidelines that should be adhered to if one wants to get the best quality. 

Art printing paper should be able to reflect the richness of art in the images the color and the contrast. It is therefore important that you use the right media, the right tools and most important, the right printer. You have to admit that the paper alone is not enough to give quality and therefore it has to be accompanied by all other details. Initially, photographers found that the watermark worked almost as well as giclee printing but it had a downside in that it allowed inks to penetrate. Today, it is a different story because the epitome of printing technology is giclee printing whose reproduction works can be seen all over the exhibitions and museums. Their endurance and longevity speaks for themselves and therefore today, many commercials feature this kind of printing. 

For commercial advertisements, the lustrous and glossy fine art paper is the best because it can capture the attention, and hold it right there until the message sinks in. However, if you are printing photos for home use and for your walls, the matte paper would be best. But your choice of the art printing paper is just more than that. You have to consider gamut, good sharpness and the best whites. The paper has to have the ability to control and the diffusion of inks so that the spread can be even. This is not only good but it also makes sure that the images last a long time without fading. That is why today, it is easy to find pictures that are even over 300 years old and yet they show no sign of fading, because of the paper quality. 

If you are a picture enthusiasts, it should not take you long to understand the kind of art printing paper that you need. It is just a matter of finding the right information on the internet and then defining your printing needs. You get the right paper and it is a guarantee that your work will sell faster and will last longer. Which photographer does not want that? 


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