EasyWrappe 1.25"

Do-it-yourself gallery wrap system

Save time and money with this quick and easy canvas stretching system

  • * Many sizes available from 8" to 30"
  • * High quality bass wood construction. Kiln dried.
  • * No tools required to assemble
  • * Plastic corner clamps are required (reusable) to assemble EasyWrappe
  • * See Description tab below for more information
  • * 1.5″ border minimum (2″ recommended)


A gallery wrap is a printed canvas that is stretched and mounted to a frame with the image wrapped around the edges. It can be displayed without a picture frame and lends itself beautifully to photographic as well as traditional artwork. Typically they are hard to stretch requiring a lot of patience, skill, time and thus are costly to have done. Now with the EasyWrappe™ system, anyone can do a professional gallery wrap in a matter of minutes! It is so fast - so easy - you wont believe your eyes!

Now you can offer the service to your customers - or do it for yourself - in minutes with no special skills required. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in our video or PDF. You can create professional gallery wraps at a reasonable price with a same day service or even while your customers wait. It is all possible with the EasyWrappe™ stretching system.


Please order an EasyWrappe Trial Kit below which are priced at our cost in order to encourage our customers to test out this incredible breakthrough product. With this, you will be able to create a 10"x14" professional gallery wrap with 1.25" thick stretcher bars. There are absolutely no extra equipment required - all you need is this kit and your canvas print! (Please note: the cutter seen in the video is NOT included and must be purchased separately).

Each Kit comes with four reusable corner clamps, archival glue, extra pins, and a 10"x14" frame (Two 1.25" bars of 10" length, and two 1.25" bars of 14" length).


After you own a trial kit, you will only need to purchase the bars you need (you already received the corner clamps in your trial kit, so be sure to keep them in a safe place!). If you need extra sets of corner clamps, these can be purchased separately.


A set of holding pins and wood corner braces are included in each box of EasyWrappe bars.


1.25″ EasyWrappe bars – 1.5″ border minimum (2″ recommended)

12″x16″ print size (image+border)

10″x14″ image size

10″x14″ bar size




STAPLE METHOD VIDEO - EasyWrappe with the traditional look of a stapled gallery wrap:

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL - Stableford Studios Talks About EasyWrappe

Yes! They do. Included in each order are the same number of corner braces as EasyWrappe or EasyWrappe Pro bars. For an order of 10 bars, you would get 10 corner braces.

The best way to prevent the canvas from lifting is to understand what causes this to happen. Archival glue is essential to the EasyWrappe process because it provides a permanent bond with the canvas to the stretcher bars. Since all the tension of the canvas is on the edge of the stretcher bars themselves, it's important to let the glue dry to insure a permanent bond. The adhesive strips are for alignment purposes in the beginning stages of assembly, and later to hold the edge of the canvas to the bar. There is no tension at this point and only tension will cause the canvas to lift.

Center braces are for EW Pro only. A 20" x 30" gallery wrap and larger should use a center brace. 20" center braces are the smallest size . If you are doing large panoramic gallery wraps, you may want to use additional center braces.

  Retail$350+ Qty
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 8", 20pk $3240 $2689
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 9", 20pk $3620 $3005
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 10", 20pk $4260 $3536
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 11", 20pk $4580 $3801 Out
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 12", 20pk $4700 $3901
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 13", 20pk $4820 $4001
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 14", 20pk $4940 $4100 Out
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 15", 20pk $5080 $4216
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 16", 20pk $5200 $4316
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 17", 20pk $5320 $4416
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 18", 20pk $5440 $4515 Out
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 19", 20pk $5560 $4615
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 20", 20pk $5700 $4731
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 21", 20pk $5820 $4831
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 22", 20pk $5940 $4930
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 24", 20pk $6180 $5129
EasyWrappe 1.25" 11x14 5 Frames $5235 - Out
EasyWrappe 1.25" 12x18 5 Frames $5577 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" 16x20 5 Frames $5987 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" 18x24 5 Frames $6398 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" 20x30 4 Frames $6795 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" - 4 Corner Clamps $1400 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" - Archival Glue $840 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" - Cutting Device $995 -
EasyWrappe 1.25" - Holding Pins (box of 100) $320 -
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