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  • Acrylic Gesso for Artists Varnish BreathingColor
  • Acrylic Gesso for Artists Varnish BreathingColor

Acrylic Gesso for Artists

For Art that Pops
The foundation for art that pops.  Designed for canvas but compatible with wood, paper, metal, masonry- any surface that can accept acrylic media.  Featherweight and non-toxic, tintable and non-yellowing, our acrylic gesso is the right viscosity for singular results in a single coat.  Make surface prep a breeze with Breathing Color.
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Product highlights

Apply and dry in minutes for artwork that is stable and vibrant

The perfect viscosity to use right out of the bottle

Adds water resistance to any substrate
Made in the USA


Pigment Identification
1 (most opaque)
2,500-3,500 cPs (Brookfield viscometer)
Adequate flexibility to withstand loose rolling and re-stretching at room temperature.  Paint films become more brittle below 50 degrees F, and should not be bent, stretched, or flexed under such conditions.  Withstands expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and humidity.
Drying/Curing Time
A 5 mils wet film will dry to touch within 1 hour when temperature is above 65 degrees F and humidity is below 70%.  Lower temperature and/or higher humidity can slow the drying process considerably.

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