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Allure Fine Art Metal on Display in the Little Museum of Dublin


How Breathing Color’s Allure Fine Art Metal helped bring a new exhibit from famed Irish photographer Seamus Murphy to life.

We are thrilled to spread the word about a recent exhibit at The Little Museum of Dublin, in Ireland.

Breathing Color’s Allure Fine Art Metal was the featured print media in a memorable showcase of photographs captured by famed Irish photographer Seamus Murphy.


Recently voted as “Dublin’s best museum experience” by the Irish Times, the Little Museum is also the number one museum in Ireland on TripAdvisor.

GQ says, “Idiosyncratic and endearing, the Little Museum of Dublin is an unexpected treat. It tells the story of Dublin through exhibits donated by Dublin’s residents. The result is a portrait of the city as detailed and sweeping as Ulysses, only much, much more accessible.”

The exhibit was described as a new collection of images which show a nation existing far beyond the often binary gaze of the media – a country teeming with life, humor, absurdity, pathos, hardship, tenacity and love.

For more information about this fantastic display of creativity, check out the following media appearances:


Curator Robert Hayes has a keen eye for quality and chose prints on Allure Fine Art Metal to be the primary focus of the exhibition “Home is Another Place.”

Allure uses Epson’s OEM pigmented inks to achieve superior light fastness and print permanence, compared to other prints on metal. Robert uses the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 printer with Allure.

Robert protected the metal prints with Quartz Matte laminate for a unique, high-end look.

For the finishing touch, Robert applied a thick, white frame to the back of the Allure print.

This frame adds to the final presentation by setting the printed metal panel off of the wall around 2″, giving it a really nice looking presentation and drop shadow.

Watch the full video below to see Robert Hayes prepare the files, load and print the Allure metal, apply finishing, and display the prints in preparation for the exhibit: 

Wondering what else makes Allure Fine Art Metal fit for museum display?

We talk more about printing with Allure with the Epson P800 and Epson 9900 right here.


Seamus Murphy is an Irish photographer based in London.

Murphy is the recipient of seven World Press photo awards for his work in Afghanistan, Gaza, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Peru, and Ireland, and he regularly contributes to all major international news publications.

International press acclaim for the work of Seamus Murphy:

“An uplifting exploration of a brutal subject” -The Times UK

“Murphy is an impressive presence, dry and concise; his stories and films (to be part of a feature-length documentary to be released next year, along with Harvey’s album) illuminate Harvey’s crisply enunciated poems and her songs as well as his own arresting images.” -The Guardian

“Murphy’s images resonate with a psychological dimension and intimacy. A Darkness Visible is the definitive photographic book on Afghanistan” -Newsweek

Congratulations to Murphy and The Little Museum of Dublin, and we’re thrilled that Allure Fine Art Metal was able to do these powerful images justice.


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