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EasyWrappe 1.25-inch

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Create a Professional Gallery Wrap in Minutes (1.25" wide)

A gallery wrap is a printed canvas that is stretched and mounted to a frame with the image wrapped around the edges. It can be displayed without a picture frame and lends itself beautifully to photographic as well as traditional artwork. Typically they are hard to stretch requiring a lot of patience, skill, time and thus are costly to have done. Now with the EasyWrappe system, anyone can do a professional gallery wrap in a matter of minutes!  It is so fast - so easy - you wont believe your eyes!

Now you can offer the service to your customers - or do it for yourself - in minutes with no special skills required.  Anyone can do it.  All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in our video or PDF.  You can create professional gallery wraps at a reasonable price with a same day service or even while your customers wait.  It is all possible with the EasyWrappe stretching system. 


The Name Says it All  



EasyWrappe with the traditional look of a stapled gallery wrap  


Please order an EasyWrappe Trial Kit below which are priced at our cost in order to encourage our customers to test out this incredible breakthrough product.  With this, you will be able to create a 10"x14" professional gallery wrap with 1.25" thick stretcher bars.  There are absolutely no extra equipment required - all you need is this kit and your canvas print!  (Please note:  the cutter seen in the video is NOT included and must be purchased separately).  

Each Kit comes with four reusable corner clamps, glue, extra pins, and a 10"x14" frame (Two 1.25" bars of 10" length, and two 1.25" bars of 14" length).  


After you own a trial kit, you will only need to purchase the bars you need (you already received the corner clamps in your trial kit, so be sure to keep them in a safe place!). If you need extra sets of corner clamps, these can be purchased separately.


Introductory Promotion - Trial Kits only $13.00

Trial kits are regularly priced at $16.  Each customer may purchase 1 trial kit at the promotional price.  Additional trial kits are $28 each.  

EasyWrappe will Save You Money on our Inkjet Media

Every $100 of EasyWrappe purchased counts as "1 item". Therefore if you buy $200 of EasyWrappe (this counts as 2 items) and 1 roll of Lyve Canvas, you will receive the 3-item discount of 17% on the roll of Lyve Canvas.

This applies to the 10-item discount of 27% as well.  For example, if you purchase $600 of EasyWrappe (counts as 6 items), 3 rolls of Lyve Canvas, and 1 gallon of Timeless Gloss - you will receive the 10-item discount of 27% on the rolls of Lyve Canvas and the gallon of Timeless Gloss. YOU MUST CALL IN TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNT.

Large Quantity Discounts?

Please call in and speak to one of our sales representatives at 866-722-6567

What's in the Box

A set of holding pins and corner braces are included in each box of EasyWrappe bars.

Sizes & Prices:

Archival Glue, 1 bottle
1.25" EasyWrappe Trial Kit
**** Temporarily Out Of Stock. ****
Each kit comes with four reusable corner clamps, glue, extra pins, and a 10"x14" frame (Two 1.25" bars of 10" length, and two 1.25" bars of 14" length).
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 11"x14" (5 Frames)
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 12"x18" (5 Frames)
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 16"x20" (5 Frames)
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 18"x24" (5 Frames)
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 20"x30" (4 Frames)
**** Temporarily Out Of Stock. ****
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 8", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 9", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 10", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 11", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 12", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 13", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 15", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 16", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 17", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 18", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 19", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 20", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 21", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 22", 1 bar
1.25" EasyWrappe Bars - 24", 1 bar
Box of 100 Holding Pins, 1"x0.5"x1"
EasyWrappe Cutting Device
4 Corner Clamps for EasyWrappe 1.25"



Prefer to Staple Your Gallery Wraps?  No Problem!  

With EasyWrappe, you aren't forced to cut the canvas on each side as we show in our demonstration video.  If you prefer to have the look of a traditional gallery wrap with staples, it's extremely easy to do.  See how great it looks in the pictures below.



Q: I have a 16" x 20" image. How much extra canvas do I need to add to create a gallery wrap with your EasyWrappe system?

Add 1 ½" on all 4 sides (3" total) for EW 1.25", and add 2" on all 4 sides (4" total) for EW Pro. The additional ¼" on each side is for bleed that will be trimmed off. The above example would be printed at 19" x 23" for EW 1.25", and 20" x 24" for EW Pro. 

Q: My printer is 44" wide. What is the LARGEST size I can create a gallery wrap when using your EasyWrappe system?

A 44" printer can produce a gallery wrap as wide as 40" for EW PRO and 41" for EW 1.25". Keep in mind that this can only be accomplished if the customer uses Borderless Printing. If they don’t have a borderless printing option on their printer (or borderless printing is not allowed on the size they are trying to achieve), then I would subtract an additional inch from the above sizes. So 39" for EW Pro and 40" for EW 1.25".

Q: When do I need to start using the Center Braces with your EasyWrappe system?

Center braces are for EW Pro only. A 20" x 30" gallery wrap and larger should use a center brace. 20" center braces are the smallest size . If you are doing large panoramic gallery wraps, you may want to use additional center braces.

Q: How do I prevent canvas from lifting up off the EasyWrappe stretcher bars?

The best way to prevent the canvas from lifting is to understand what causes this to happen. Archival glue is essential to the EasyWrappe process because it provides a permanent bond with the canvas to the stretcher bars. Since all the tension of the canvas is on the edge of the stretcher bars themselves, it's important to let the glue dry to insure a permanent bond. The adhesive strips are for alignment purposes in the beginning stages of assembly, and later to hold the edge of the canvas to the bar. There is no tension at this point and only tension will cause the canvas to lift.

Q: Do the small wooden corner braces come included in the box of EasyWrappe 1.25" and EasyWrappe Pro 1.75" bars?

Yes! They do. Included in each order are the same number of corner braces as EasyWrappe or EasyWrappe Pro bars. For an order of 10 bars, you would get 10 corner braces.

Q: What size staple should I use in my staple gun for stapling down the back of the canvas?

We recommend 1/2" crown and 1/4" leg.



Kurt Says: 

"EasyWrappe is "the bomb" steal a phrase from the kids around The tahoe basin. Without any tools beyond a little rubber mallet, or skills beyond using a measuring tape, Reno Type is now creating gallery wraps of nearly any size in under 10 minutes. We are able to turn projects in-house, faster, and with a much higher profit margin... and that really IS the bomb. I was initially skeptical about the "extender" kit that allowed bars to be joined to create longer, or custom lengths.. but I am a skeptic no more. We have now stretched prints as long as 96 inches with excellent results. Most astonishingly, after stretching about 20 canvases, We've yet to mess up a single one. The frame shop I usually use makes more errors that that! Ive attached a photo of a photographer holding a recently completed project measuring 30x80 inches. Thanks to Breathing Color, we were able to complete this entire project IN HOUSE... starting with four 6x7 transparencies, we oil-mounted, scanned, stitched, proofed, printed on Chromata Canvas, Varnished with Glamour II, and stretched with Easy Wrappe. You are looking at one very happy photographer, and one even happier print shop owner. Thanks! "

Kurt Hoge
Reno Type

James Says: 

"The initial appeal of using EasyWrappe for canvas at Thornton Art Studio was that it's completely quiet. Located in a nice mall, we have a great sales channel, but also noise constraints. It was the perfect solution.

However, after adopting EasyWrappe, something quickly became apparent - It yields incredibly professional results! The corners are cleaner with no folds. The back is cleaner with no staples or hanging wire so it lays flush against the wall. The corner and center braces provide a sturdy feel. Overall, the build is better than any other canvas I've seen. When I show customers, they immediately know they're investing in fine art that's built to last.

Of course the real icing on the cake is that I can build a solid, tight canvas in under 10 minutes, regardless of size. When production speed and quality count, EasyWrappe gets the job done faster with better results. Plus it won't disturb the neighbors!"

James Thornton
Thornton Art Studio

Dominic Rinaldi Says:

"Just a note to let you know that your products are the best I have ever used. I have been in the imaging business since 1974, owned one of the first 1 hour photo chain stores in NY, and have been offering ink jet printing since the "early days". Your canvas material coupled with the gallery wrap system is a sure winner. No longer do I have to rely on the whims of the local framer to get my customers canvas stretched in a timely fashion. I can now offer same day service for an extra fee or just to provide customer service. And the finished product is a masterpiece. "

Dominic Rinaldi
Professional Photographer and Giclee' Reproduction Specialist

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