How to Properly Handle and Store your Fine Art Media

BC Team Quality Control

Proper print handling and media storage is a critical and often overlooked component of the fine art printmaking workflow, as it will protect the integrity of the media to ensure that it remains at its maximum potential from start to finish. Developing proper habits for storing and handling media in your production environment will result in less damaged and wasted material, helping your business to keep its costs under control.

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Announcing the BC Forum. Come one, come all.

Breathing Color Forum

Come one, come all….the Breathing Color Forum is now open for discussion!

The BC Forum was developed so that all of our customers, partners, and friends from all over the world have a single place to communicate both with us and with one another about everything related to printmaking.

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i1 Pro 2 Hands On Review

Calibrating your screen and profiling your printer are extremely important for the professional workflow. It’s also important to have a reliable device that will make the calibration accurate and easy. We had the pleasure of testing the newest product of the X-Rite family: The i1Photo Pro 2.

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Customize Your Epson Print Settings with just ONE Click

Are you tired of being forced to use generic settings that are already built into the Epson print driver? Do you wish there was a way to store your media specific settings to quickly and easily recall later? Believe it or not, but there is a way to do it, and it’s already available with your current driver! Follow this quick guide to see how you can setup your own customized settings and use them later with just one click…

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Another Day, Another Improvement.

inkjet canvas
Our perpetual goal at Breathing Color is to never be satisfied and constantly keep improving. We strive to make our products as “clean” and consistent as possible, which is a very tall order when it comes to inkjet canvas. Our quality control is more strict and discerning than any other inkjet canvas manufacturer in the industry and still, we are not satisfied.

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