Framing Canvas Prints: An Excellent Gallery Wrap Alternative


When printmakers think about canvas, they tend to think about stretching.

This traditional process requires that the printmaker either pays someone to stretch the canvas for them, or takes on the training to learn how to stretch.

It is possible, however, to produce canvas prints which can can be turned into beautiful framed prints without stretching. And, because canvas doesn’t have the same needs as a paper print, it can be displayed without any glazing (glass) for an exciting, unique look.

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Squeaky Printers, Clogged Nozzles, & Canvas Shrinkage

Clogged Nozzle
In our tenth episode, Epson technician Ron Ardito helps us battle a trio of unfortunately common printer problems.

Ron offers expert tips and advice on printer lubrication, dealing with a clogged nozzle, and making adjustments for canvas shrinkage. Whether you’ve run into these problems in the past or want to know how to prepare for them in the future, you’ll want to listen in to this episode of #AskBC.

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How to Configure Printer Settings for Third-Party Papers


In the digital age, we are fortunate to have a bounty of wonderful inkjet papers to choose from.

These papers range from glossy, luster, metallic and baryta photo papers, to fine art cotton watercolor and canvas matte.

A few of the choices include OEM papers offered by printer manufacturers such as Epson and Canon, as well as third-party (non-OEM) papers produced by companies such as Breathing Color.

Color-managed applications like Photoshop and Lightroom, in conjunction with quality ICC printer/paper profiles, pave the way to achieving good prints.

Producing an optimal print, however, requires proper configuration of an array of printer driver settings for each particular paper.

Use this guide to get up and running with your own third party paper printing.

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Cleaning, Maintaining, and Storing Your Printer

Printer Maintenance

Ron Ardito is here to answer your questions on printer maintenance, cleaning, and storage.

What type of environment should your printer live in? Is canned air okay to use for cleaning? And how about that age-old question: is it better to leave your printer on or turn it off between each use? Find out on this episode of #AskBC.

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The Solutions to 5 Common Print Varnish Problems

varnish problems

Varnishing prints is tough.

Especially when you are just getting started.

It seems like everyone has to make a few mistakes first until they settle into their own groove. Call them growing pains. We’ve all been there.

We have complied some some of the most common varnish problems below, with solutions, to help make the road to perfect less bumpy for you.

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