Designed specially for stretching canvas gallery wraps

Stretching canvas just got a whole lot easier. Your hands and wrists will thank you.

  • * Complete wraps very quickly
  • * Incredibly tight corners
  • * Minimal stress on your hands & wrists
  • * Unique jaw design grips 5x the amount of canvas than other canvas


StretchRelief™ is another innovative product from Breathing Color that will make your life easier. These incredible pliers are designed to eliminate all the strain on your hands and wrists while stretching canvas, without losing any time in the process.

The unique jaw design combined with locking pliers does all the work, eliminating the need for any hand strength. This innovative tool allows your canvas prints to be wrapped, wrinkle-free and tighter than ever just a few minutes.

It is a dramatic improvement over traditional stretching pliers and is much more affordable and compact than large stretching machines.

Constructed of high grade, precision machined steel, this tool is very durable. You'll be able to stretch thousands of canvas prints with it.

StretchRelief™ has no limitations on the size or type of stretcher bar used. In addition to gallery wraps, it can also be used to stretch canvas prints with stapling on the side.

Works great with our 1.5" Fir Stretcher Bars


StretchRelief Quick Start Guide



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