Monthly Promotions
We run promotions every single month in order to introduce new products.

Trial Kits

The easiest and most inexpensive way to try Breathing Color, these Trial Kits are priced at our Cost. Therefore, there is a limit of one per customer. Trial kits are the most efficient and cost effective way to try Breathing Color products.

Take advantage of the amazing deals we offer for currently overstocked items. Overstock promotions sometimes last only days, so be sure to take full advantage of them as they are offered.

Become a Power Buyer
In a constant effort to source the best products available at the best prices available, the majority of printmakers in this industry must use 2 and often times more vendors to supply their canvas, art papers, photo papers, poster papers, signage media, liquid coatings, and/or whatever else they use on a regular basis. By using multiple vendors and spreading purchases rather than consolidating them, "buying power" is significantly less with each vendor.

At Breathing Color, the more you buy, the more you save. We offer serious pricing incentives that encourage our customers to consolidate their purchases and be "Power Buyers". Power Buyers are rewarded with continual volume pricing on every product, regardless of quantity. If you use 6 to 10+ rolls of media (can be a mix) on a monthly basis, you could be eligible to take advantage of this program right now. You will not find a more competitive solution on the market.

With our unmatched range of over 17 industry-leading inkjet papers, canvas, signage, and coatings, we are confident that our diverse and constantly growing line of products will exceed your vendor expectations and requirements. Bottom line: We guarantee that you will not find better products at a better price.

Inquire today for further details and to join the many others who are already taking advantage of this program.

On occassion, goods may receive slight damage from packaging/shipping or may have a slight defect from manufacture. Some goods must be discarded completely, however, many goods remain well suited to serve their purpose as intended. Our "Seconds" section was designed so that our customers could take advantage of these extremely low priced goods with full understanding of what the damage is, prior to purchase.