Drytac Roller Laminators

  • * Available in models from 18" to 63" wide
  • * Perfect combination for Breathing Color's Quartz Laminate and Allure Aqueous Photo Panels
  • * Extremely solid construction using high-quality parts
  • * Tested and certified to comply with electric and fire safety regulations
  • * Mostly 110V power (excluding JM63 Pro XD)
  • * All models are drop-shipped from Drytac's warehouses
  • * Use a DRS roller to clean print before laminating.
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The design of JetMounter™ roller laminators from Drytac is the culmination of three decades of experience in the mounting and laminating business. Equipped with the performance features that professional customers demand, JetMounter™ roller laminators are unmatched for value.

Small Format

These smaller models are motorized table-top laminators operated by a foot switch, leaving both hands free to handle the work being processed. The JM18, JM26, and JM34 are designed for mounting and laminating inkjet output but are equally capable of handling photographic or any printed media. All models include a supply shaft and photo cell safety protection. Note: There are no rewind shafts on these models.

JM18 - 18.25" electric table-top laminator

JM26 - 26.25" electric table-top laminator

JM34 - 34" electric table-top laminator

Large Format

These wider format models are perfect for those who want to really open up their options regarding lamination. These enable you to obviously laminate larger Allure photo panels, and also larger signage and other types of prints, should you need to down the road.

JM55 Force - 55" wide-format electric laminator

JM63 Fusion XD - 63" wide-format electric laminator with heat assist

JM63 Pro XD - 63" wide-format electric laminator with heated top roller

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  Retail Qty
Drytac JetMounter JM18 Laminator $74900 In stock, please call
Drytac JetMounter JM26 Laminator $99500 In stock, please call
Drytac JetMounter JM34 Laminator $1,37500 In stock, please call