Ready-to-Hang Frame Kits

A complete solution for mounting rigid prints

  • * Anyone can do it - no tools, no framing expertise needed
  • * Includes everything you need to hang a rigid print (i.e.: Allure Photo Panels)
  • * Contains preassembled frames, mounting tape, and hanging hardware
  • * Achieve a professional look consistent with fine art standards
  • * A look that maximizes the perceived value of your print
  • * See our Sizing Guide for our recommendation on how to choose the right frame size


Our Ready to Hang Frames are the perfect all-in-one solution for mounting rigid prints such as metal, wood, and more.

We carefully designed these frames to allow you to finish your rigid prints with ease. The 0.25" lip on the outside of each frame bar allows your print to sit perfectly flush with the wall, eliminating the forward-leaning effect commonly seen when hanging prints.

You will notice that the actual frame size is smaller than the size of your print. This is done purposefully to give your rigid print a clean "floating" look and a nice drop shadow on the wall.

Start selling professional metal prints by pairing these frames with our Allure Aluminum Photo Panels for Direct Aqueous Printing.

How to Use It

We make it very easy. Each frame comes assembled and with high-grade 3M double-sided tape already applied. Supply remove the release liner and stick the frame to the back of the metal print.

We like to use a pencil and a ruler to center up the frame on the back of the metal print.

Wondering what size frame fits best on your metal print? Use our handy Sizing Guide.

What's in the Box

Each pack includes 5 pre-assembled frames with industrial strength double-sided 3M adhesive ready to peel and stick, and either a sawtooth hook or hanging wire depending on the size.


Allure Photo Panels Quick Start Guide

  Retail Qty
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 4"x8" frame, 5pk (for 8x12 print) $5354
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 7"x10" frame, 5pk (for 11x14 print) $5661
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 8"x14" frame, 5pk (for 12x18 print) $6169
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 12"x20" frame, 5pk (for 16x24 print) $7758
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 16"x20" frame, 5pk (for 20x25 print) $7975
Ready-to-Hang Frame Kit - 16"x26" frame, 5pk (for 20x30 print) $8323