New Discount Structure

In an effort to streamline and simplify our discount structure, we have adjusted how order discounts are calculated.

Instead of discounts being based on item quantities in your cart, discounts are now based your cart subtotal.

How Are Discounts Calculated

The new discount tiers are as follows:
  • Orders with a subtotal of $350+ will automatically receive 18.2% off of eligible items.
  • Orders with a subtotal of $1000+ will automatically receive 28.8% off of eligible items.

Which Items Count Toward My Discounts

All Breathing Color items count toward the discount.

Which Items Are Discount Eligible

Items eligible for discounts have not changed.

Many full-sized (40'-long) rolls of media and all gallons of varnish will be eligible for discounts.

To determine for certain if an item is eligible, simply visit that item's product page and review the Sizes & Prices matrix. If a dollar value is present in the $350 and/or $1000 column, then that item will achieve this discounted rate in the cart so long as your subtotal reaches the necessary discount.