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Some paper is more than just paper and that is why if you are an artist or a photographer, you want to get the best paper that is out there in the market. After you have put so much effort in selecting your camera and your printer, you do not want to botch up a nice job by using worthless printing papers that you find in the supply store. It is imperative that you learn about digital printing paper, the varieties, and what is best suited for the black and white printing jobs. Luckily, the market has just the right papers that you need and all you have to do is get them from the store. First you have to know about what makes up quality. 

The first secret to achieving great printed works is to buy printing papers from the same company that made your printer. This way you can be sure that you are buying papers and prints that have been tested against each other and therefore the quality of the works shall not be in doubt. This is far much better than going to buy just any kind of paper from the supply store and then end up thinking that you have a faulty printer. Remember that it is important that you choose the type of finish that will not absorb the ink because such printing paper will always give faded images that are of poor quality. What you want is printing papers with a nice glossy finish, papers that will not soak in all the ink.   

Even if you buy printing papers from the printer manufacturer, you still have to do your homework because under the printer manufacturer brands, there will also be a wide choice. That means that there are very many brands from your printer manufacturer to choose from. However, this is far better than just going for the ordinary printing papers from the store. Usually, the paper supplier will know a lot about papers and they too will help you in your selection of the best digital printing paper. Just be open to ideas if you want to have prints with the best finish. 

One brand of digital printing paper that seems to satisfy just about anyone is the giclee printing papers. These are readily available in the market and their quality is highly acclaimed in the market by all users. Once you get to use the papers you will know that indeed, there is reason enough to acclaim the papers. Giclee printing is renowned the world over and is only achieved by using specific giclee printers. Most of the prints are found in museums and art galleries.



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