Inkjet Canvas, Fine Art Paper and Print Varnish

Welcome!  We're Breathing Color, designer and supplier of inkjet canvas, fine art paper, photo paper, and print varnish for fine art and photographic reproduction. 

We've taken a unique approach in our industry by being a manufacturer who sells our products directly to the people who will be using them.   We do this because we want you to know us.  And, we want to know you!

Our main goal is to help you produce the highest quality prints possible.  We will do this with both our products and our service.  It's all about the art, and it's why many of the highest quality and most well respected artists, photographers, and print studios have chosen Breathing Color as their primary source for inkjet media.   We take pride in the fact that year after year, many of our customers win well-renowned print and photography competitions using our products.  We aspire to equip all of our customers with the necessary products, knowledge, and resources to produce fine art prints at the highest level.

We also want to help you grow your printing business.  We offer our Art of Printmaking Blog with printmaking tips & tricks, and a library of how-to videos and much more right here on our website and its all free.  If you'd like to call us or email us, we have friendly and knowledgeable staff who will be excited to hear from you. 

To us, its all about service and giving.  Not only with our customers, but also to the industry, our communities, and the world.  We contribute regularly to schools, hospitals, environmental programs, and other charitable organizations.   It is our sincere hope that the Breathing Color footprint extends far beyond ourselves and the products we make.  We hope to have a positive influence on other entrepreneurs as well.  

Want to learn more about Breathing Color and take a tour of our manufacturing facilities?  Watch our Company Video.

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Drake Busath M.Photog.Cr says: "We print hundreds of high-end wall portraits. Lyve is the canvas Iʼve been craving. It has rich blacks, saturated color, mellow skin tones AND a beautiful finish that will age well."
Tim Walden M.Photog.,CR., F-ASP says: The Lyve canvas is incredible. I have tested and worked with many inkjet canvasses...I don’t know why you would use any other canvas.
Marcus Bell says: "Breathing Color's award winning canvas and fine art papers are in a league of their own." (Marcus was named in the top 10 Wedding photographers in the world by BBC Television)