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Charles Outcalt,

Laminate available in London?

Hey everyone.  When I lived in the US and had more space, I used the Glamour II varnish on the Lyve canvas quite a bit.  When I got it right (which wasn't always), I was really happy with the results.

However, I now live in London, and I don't have enough space to mix and apply the Glamour II varnish.  Also, I don't know if I could obtain it here, and I'm pretty sure that getting it shipped to me would be difficult and expensive.

Does anyone have suggestions for an easier to apply laminate (ideally, an aerosol that's premixed) that's available in the UK?  I haven't printed on canvas since I arrived, mostly because of this laminate issue.  

Any and all help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

August 6, 2013, 9:51 am • United States


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Charles Outcalt,
Thanks again, Justin.  I'd rather do a bit of extra work and get great results, so I'll just head over to your UK store and order some Timeless.  Thanks again for the advice!

August 6, 2013, 12:55 pm • United States

Justin Bodin, Breathing Color

There are two problems I find with aerosol spray varnish. First, these types of sprays are lacquer or solvent-based and can often emit a pungent odor. Second, it can take quite a bit of practice to get a perfect finish. I guess this has to do with the type of nozzle typically used on aerosol cans.

I'm not immediately familiar with any of these types of products available in the UK, but I'm sure a Google search for "aerosol varnish" will yield you quite a few results. Dick Blick is a popular outlet for this type of product, though I'm not familiar with their International distribution options.

Timeless is another great potential solution. While it still needs to be applied in a similar manner to Glamour 2, it does not require dilution like Glamour 2 does. Timeless is ready to roll or spray out of the container.

August 6, 2013, 11:54 am • United States

Charles Outcalt,
Thanks, Justin.  I'd like to try the Crystalline.  Thing is, I have loads of the Lyve already that I'd like to use.  

Do you recommend any aerosol (premixed) varnishes, or is it just better to go with the Glamour that I mix myself?

August 6, 2013, 11:31 am • United States

Justin Bodin, Breathing Color
Hi Charles,

Have you seen our Crystalline canvas? We offer it in both a satin and glossy finish. It does not require a varnish and is still durable and looks great. You're right, varnishing canvas can be tricky. Crystalline will save you the time and frustration of having to deal with top coating your canvas prints.

Also, we do have a UK distributor for our products. They can be contacted at the information below:

Paper & Canvas Ltd.
Stork Hill Farm
261 Hull Bridge Road
East Yorkshire
HU17 9RS
phone: +44 (0)1904 500800

August 6, 2013, 10:21 am • United States