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Joey Welsh, Gekkards Inc

White particles in Timeless satin?

I have been using Timeless satin for years with minimal issues, but I recently opened two of your new containers for the first time and used it to spray my work. I am getting an excessive amount of dried, white particles sprayed onto my artwork??? 

I have tried a variety of methods to solve the problem, but no luck. I am turning the container upside down several times to mix, before pouring it thru a very fine strainer. I can see a lot of particles leftover in the stainer when done, but I'm still getting several particles thrown onto my boards with each pass. I end up spending several minutes picking off the particles with my fingernail after each round of spraying.

I have even used a brand new DeVilbiss gun, spotless, and got the same results. My question is, are the new containers causing more particles in the product? Is this possibly a bad batch of Timeless satin? I have never experienced this before, using this same strainer. I'm having a hard time trouble-shooting the issue. Thanks.

October 18, 2014, 7:26 pm • United States


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