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Edwin Crutcher, Crutchers Pix

I have an Epson 3880 printer. I'm trying to print advanced B & W on Optica One paper. I set the platen gap to widest but it is scratching as the carriage moves back & forth. What thickness should I set for the paper?

November 12, 2012, 2:54 pm • United States


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Michael Spille, Home
Correction on my answer
Set the Paper Thickness setting to-- 5

Sorry for the error,


February 7, 2014, 4:18 pm • United States

Michael Spille, Home
Hi Edwin,I'm using the epson R3000 ,with  Optica One
I was on the phone with Michael in Tech support,he walked me through my head strike problem
Give him a call--this guy is excellent,spent an hour on the phone with me
Definetly get the most recent/updated ICC profile,and for starters,set the platen gap to 5,for starters
But do yourself a favor & call him,,he is outstanding.
Hope this helps,

February 7, 2014, 2:34 pm • United States

James(Jim) Ribniker, James Ribniker Photography

I'm using a non-Epson paper. What Paper Thickness setting should I use in the driver?

Paper Thickness in the 3800 driver is specified in tenths of a millimeter. For example, a value of 3 means 0.3 mm.

Most paper specifications will list the thickness of the paper in either mils (i.e., thousanths of an inch) or mm. If the paper thickness is specified in mm (e.g., 0.27 mm), multiply by 10 and round up to the next integer (e.g., 0.27 x 10 = 2.7 -> 3). If the paper thickness is specified in mils (e.g., 19 mils), multiply by 0.254 and round up to the next higher integer (e.g., 19 x 0.254 = 4.826 -> 5). In general, thinner RC papers use a Paper Thickness of 3, thicker fine art matte papers use a Paper Thickness of 5, and the new F-type papers use a Paper Thickness of 4.

November 7, 2013, 12:24 pm • United States