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Kirk Haines, Rush Expressive, LLC

I have been attempting to research printers for printing both fine art and photographs on both canvas and a variety of papers. My use case is a printing situation that will combine scheduled runs of multiple prints with a variety of small, ad-hoc jobs. So I am interested in printers that can function well in that sort of environment, where use is sporadic, without suffering from jet clogging or wasting a lot of ink. My impression is that this use case points me toward the HP Z3200(ps) or the Canon IPF8400. Comparing and contrasting these two models is proving difficult. Anyone with more experience have any thoughts?

Specifically, I wonder if I should care that the Z3200 is 4 year old technology, as it seems like the IPF8400 is just an incremental improvement in the IPF8300, and doesn't incorporate any significant technological leaps. I've seen suggestions that bronzing is a bigger issue with the HP ink, but it's unclear if that's true.

They both appear, from reports, to deal well with sporadic use, and don't appear to waste ink.

I've seen suggestions that paper feeding, especially with cut sheets, is a bigger hassle on the Canon. True?

Is one going to be significantly better at printing on canvas than the other?

November 7, 2012, 1:01 pm • United States


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George Anderson, Anderson Photography
I am the owner for almost a year of an iPF8300.  For many reasons, it has been severely underused.  Used only sporadically.  Yet every time I go to use it, even if it sits for months, the printer responds perfectly.  I think an epson might be more subject to clogs.

January 7, 2013, 3:24 pm • United States

Adam Hill,
Hi Kirk,

My personal advice would be to lean toward the Canon iPF8300 or iPF8400. It has been my experience in dealing with thousands of printmakers over the years, that HP can be more difficult to operate and give more headaches in using a wide variety of media. All of HP's inkjet printers over the years have struggled with heavy media, typically anything heavier than 250gsm may not work very well. This includes a lot of heavyweight fine art papers and canvases. I have also heard that loading paper (sheets or rolls) can be a struggle, if not lined up perfectly.  
The Canon's are very user-friendly with a great built-in driver, they produce exceptional print quality, and are very fast. Almost everyone I know who owns an iPF8300 is extremely happy with it.

I would also consider the Epson 9900, but it is a pricier option considering what the Canon's are going for these days.

Hope this helps!


November 9, 2012, 1:07 pm • United States

Jordan Korengold, Breathing Color

Between the two, HPZ3200 and Canon iPF8400, I definitely would recommend the 8400.  It will be easier to use, faster, better print quality, easier to print onto canvas, and easier to maintain especially for sporadic use. 

In my experience, HP’s have a hard time handling thicker media such as canvas, whereas Canon’s new 8400 is one of the leading printers for photos on canvas and Giclee work.  Also, with the new 8400’s multi-sensor you will not need to constantly update profiles for the media, as the new sensor will help calibrate the printer.  However, with the HP printers you will constantly need to profile the media to ensure accurate reproductions of your prints.

Overall, I feel you will greatly benefit from Canon’s printers over HP for the work and volume you will be printing.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

November 9, 2012, 12:58 pm • United States