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Andrew Nickel, 24/7 Canvas

Ipf8400 vs ipf8400s

I am very conflicted about which printer to invest in. My main concern is CANVAS printing and being able to produce the best possible print...of course my Canvas of choice is BC, in particular the LYVE series. I have been thinking for a while that I would buy an Epson 9890. There's a lot I like about it, but we have all heard the stories about clogging even under ideal circumstances. I'm willing to buy the extended warranty (additional 2yrs for $1500) but not if it isn't going to protect me.

These concerns have made me look more closely at the Canon's. While the 2yr extended service warranty for Canon is $2500usd...I am starting to be of the opinion that I may not need it, because things like printer heads are consumer replaceable.

Here in Canada, even when at regular prices, the Canon's are more expensive than the Epson's. Case in point the 9890 DES is around $5500 and the IPF8400 is around $6900, and IPF8400 S is around $6100,(the difference in cost seems to correspond to the amount of ink each comes with)

Cost is always a factor, but putting that aside which one of the 9890, ipf8400 or the IPF 8400S would be my best option for BC CANVAS printing? I want to provide my clients with the highest quality print and predominantly my clients want canvas....but also intend to print on other types of photo papers.

Any insight is appreciated...particularly, if someone can clarify a quality of print difference between the IPF8400 and IPF8400S 

March 25, 2014, 9:41 pm • Canada


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Steve Potosky, Art of the North
I'm in Canada and was a dedicated Epson user until I took a chance on the Canon ipf8400 as the price was incredible - and after a year's use and ordering a 2nd one, won't go back to Epson and their headaches. The price of the printer was way less than your quoted prices, if u are interested I can sell you a brand new one for $5000, or a one year old one for considerably less!
I love Breathing Color and their support - class outfit.

July 22, 2014, 1:59 pm • United States

Andrew Nickel, 24/7 Canvas
Thanks Justin,

Based on your response and some I have received in other forums, I think the IPF-8400 is probably the best way to go. Slightly higher initial cost (pricier warranty also) but I think the 12 colour system along with user replaceable consumables is worth it. 

Thanks again!

March 28, 2014, 3:26 am • Canada

Justin Bodin, Breathing Color

With the additional red, green, blue, and light gray inks of the 8400 over the S, you have a much wider color gamut, giving you the ability to more accurately produce colors you see on screen. Also, you will get some smoother gradations due to the added light gray cartridge.

We have customers that are printing on both printers, but certainly more commonly on the 8400 for fine art.

We actually print on both an 8400 and an Epson 9900 in house, and side-by-side, it's pretty tough to discern and difference between a print of the same image.

March 27, 2014, 3:43 pm • United States