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Ife Nkechukwu,

What media type I should select for BC Optica One for Canon printer?

I would like to know what media type I should select for BC Optica One. I own a Canon PixMa Pro 9500 Mk II, and I plan to make my own ICC profile with my colormunki. I would like to use matte media type to avoid the 35mm margin imposed by the printer driver when fine art paper is selected as a media type; see the below for the exact wording:

"*7 If you are using Fine Art Paper "Photo Rag", Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching", or Fine Art Paper Premium Matte, you cannot print in the 1.38 inches / 35 mm margin on the top and bottom edges according to the direction of printing. If you select a special page size for Fine Art Paper in the printer driver, a limit is set to prevent printing in the 1.38 inches / 35 mm margin on the top and bottom edges of the paper. We recommend checking the printing area in the preview screen before printing.
Canon genuine media is produced and managed to get optimal print quality. We recommend using Canon genuine media."

I am not trying to print to the edge; I just want a slightly smaller margin.



October 25, 2012, 4:26 am • United Kingdom


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Ife Nkechukwu,
I created a profile for the paper using colormunki photo on Matte Photo Paper Media type.

The prints look great.

October 29, 2012, 4:22 am • United Kingdom

Artur Patkowski, Breathing Color

Hi Ife,

I checked out the User Manual for your printer. It looks like the only media type that’s close to Optica One is Matte Photo paper, that will allow to be loaded in the rear tray. All the other Matte Media types are Front Tray only. Looks like that’s a limitation for this printer...

October 25, 2012, 5:43 pm • United States