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lyve matte canvas

Lyve builds on the legacy of the world's first OBA-free canvas with superior resolution, greater dmax, and a wider color gamut. As Breathing Color's flagship matte canvas, Lyve features the highest archivability of 100 years. Benchmarked by the Fine Art Trade Guild with the exclusive Blue Wool certification available to display on our website. Display your Lyve prints with confidence for years to come!

timeless archival varnish


optica one

With no words, Optica One can tell many stories. Minimal optical brighteners make this thick 300gsm paper worth it's weight in amazing prints. Double-sided and 100+ years archival means your prints will last a lifetime.



Let 600MT’s bright white 100% Alpha-cellulose blend capture the dimension of color as well as the artist’s hand. The robust texture on this fine art paper is a perfect vessel for your painted reproductions. 600MT will dry quickly and is designed to prevent scuffing and flaking, keeping all your beautiful colors intact.

easywrappe standard

Our EasyWrappe system is so simple to use that a complete novice can assemble perfectly tensioned wraps in minutes. Just print an image 4" wider and longer than your final frame size, clip, peel, fold, cut, and that's it.  Fast, stable gallery frames with no additional tools.... EASY.

With a gallery-wrapped canvas frame, amateur and professional artwork alike come to life in a gallery-ready package. Stretch your canvas to add that finishing touch to your artwork.

Starter gallery wrap frame kits include: four corner braces, a cutting tool, archival glue, and a box of 100 holding pins.

easywrappe pro

Easy Wrappe Pro is the beefed up brother of the industry's fastest gallery wrap solution.  The process is the same, the quality is the same, only with a thicker, sturdier profile for frames up to 60" x 60".  Corner keys are included with every pack of bar to ensure a tool free assembly that won't warp or weft.  An excellent solution for small print shops and any DIY'er with limited space or tools.  Print images 6" wider than final frame size.  Not compatible with EasyWrappe Standard Bars or Accessories.

Starter kit includes: four corner braces, cutting tool, archival glue, and a box of 100 holding pins.


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