Canvas Floater Frames

Make more money with your canvas prints

Super easy to use. Take a stretched canvas print, drop it in, and you're done!

  • * Double your profit by offering your canvas prints in a floater frame
  • * Easily swap out prints from time to time to keep things fresh
  • * High quality injection-molded construction
  • * Your customers will love them



These high-quality floater frames are a brilliant way to display your stretched canvas prints. Not only do they look great, they're also extremely easy to use! A few strips of double-sided tape hold your stretched print in place as it appears to float in the frame. This makes re-positioning and centering your pieces easy! Also, the frames can easily be reused anytime you want to update your art. Have you been searching for an elegant, yet affordable way to finish your prints? it is!

Looks AMAZING with: our D.I.Y. 1.25" EasyWrappe stretcher bar system, our 1.5" stretcher bars, and most other 1.25" or 1.5" stretcher bars

EASY to use! Create a canvas that floats in space in just minutes

4 Beautiful Colors! Choose from: Black, Bronze, Gold, Silver


Q: Which size frame do I need?

The size of your stretched print is equal to the frame size you will need. For example, if you have an 8x10 stretched canvas print, buy an 8x10 canvas floater frame.

Q: What are the outside dimensions of the frame?

The outside dimensions of a frame are the frame size plus 1.125". For example, an 8x10 frame has outside dimensions of 9.125" x 11.125".

Q: How far will the frame stick off the wall?

The depth is 1 15/16" (1.938").

Q: What size is the gap between the outside edge of the canvas print and the inside edge of the floater frame?

0.25". This creates the small empty space around the print, giving it that "floating" look

Don't see your size listed? Let us know which sizes you'd like to see added. We're constantly looking for recommendations and feedback.


High-quality polystyrene construction

Pre-assembled recessed frame comes ready to use

Includes instructions for mounting your wrapped canvas

Easy to use with velcro, screws, or double-sided tape


Frame Size Width Length Outside Height Inside Depth
8"x10" 8" 10" 2" 1.5"
11"x14" 11" 14" 2" 1.5"
12"x16" 12" 16" 2" 1.5"
16"x20" 16" 20" 2" 1.5"
18"x24" 18" 24" 2" 1.5"
24"x36" 24" 36" 2" 1.5"
30"x40" 30" 40" 2" 1.5"

Once your print is in the frame, there is approximately 1/4" between the edge of the wrap and the inside of the frame. This space is helps give the illusion of the floating print!

The frame size you choose will be equal to the finished, stretched size of your print. For example, if you purchase an 8"x10" floater frame, this will fit a print that has been stretched with 8"x10" stretcher bars. The face (front) of your stretched print will be equal to the size of the frame that you purchase.

We are constantly improving our inventory, so check back often! Send us an email or give us a call with any feedback on additional sizes you think we should carry. We're always open to suggestions!

First, you start with a canvas print that has been stretched with stretcher bars--like our 1.25" EasyWrappe or 1.5" stretcher bars. We recommend using double-sided tape or hook and loop tape on the inside of the frame to mount your print. The advantage of mounting the print this way is that you can easily reposition the art in the frame to get it centered. Also, you can easily swap the artwork out occassionally if you desire.

Canvas floater frames are a unique way to display your 1.25" or 1.5"-deep stretched canvas prints. Your print sits centered inside the frame (using double-sided tape or hook and loop tape for easy swapping or repositioning of your art) appearing to float! The inside of each frame has a black finish to make it easy to replicate the "float" effect that artists used to try to achieve using black tape around the edges of their canvas prints.

  Retail Qty
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 8"x10" $1299
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 8"x10" $1299
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 8"x10" $1299
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 8"x10" $1299
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 11"x14" $1518
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 11"x14" $1518
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 11"x14" $1518
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 11"x14" $1518
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 12"x16" $1700
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 12"x16" $1700
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 12"x16" $1700
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 12"x16" $1700
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 16"x20" $1782
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 16"x20" $1782 Out
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 16"x20" $1782
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 16"x20" $1782
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 18"x24" $2024 Out
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 18"x24" $2024
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 18"x24" $2024
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 18"x24" $2024
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 24"x36" $2592
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 24"x36" $2592
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 24"x36" $2592
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 24"x36" $2592
Canvas Floater Frame, Black - 30"x40" $2970
Canvas Floater Frame, Silver - 30"x40" $2970
Canvas Floater Frame, Gold - 30"x40" $2970
Canvas Floater Frame, Bronze - 30"x40" $2970
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