Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8000 Information

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8000 is Canon's response to the already well established Epson 44" wide format inkjet printer market. The Canon ipf8000 has one main competitor within the fine art and photographic community - the highly acclaimed Epson 9800. Rather than list the details of the Canon ipf8000, this article will explore the main advancements over the Epson 9800 that one should consider.

canon ipf8000

Canon iPF8000 Lucia Inks

Canon has come out swinging with a 12 color pigment ink system that they are calling "Lucia Inks". The new Lucia inks are said to greatly expand the range of color reproduction through increased color gamut. Although, there has been much speculation about the true performance of these inks. Experts acknowledge that while there is an increased color gamut and a true red is possible, the tonal range performance of the inks is in question. A widely held criticism is that although the printer can "hit a true red", it has trouble delivering the wide variety of red tones in a smooth fashion. If you are looking into buying the Canon imagePROGRAF ipf8000, and are doing some comparative brand shopping this might be an issue worth exploring further.

Canon iPF8000 Matte and Photo Black All in One

One big advantage of the Canon ipf8000 regards the issue of matte and photo black inks. With the Epson 9800, a user must choose between using either matte black or photo black inks. If a user changes their mind or wants to subsitute inks for a specific print job, the must undergo a laborious and costly process that wastes much time and expensive ink. Many printmakers were baffled to see that Epson chose not to improve upon this major criticism of the Epson 9600. The Canon ipf8000 on the other hand utilizes automatic switching between Matte Black and Photo Black ink, which eliminates wasted ink and time of swapping out tanks. It is also advantageous from a marketing standpoint - the printmaker has the easy ability to offer top quality prints on glossy inkjet papers and canvas as well as matte. The Epson 9800 user is really forced to pick one solution and run with it.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8000 Speed

There is no question that the Canon ipf8000 is a production-friendly inkjet printer. It has a built in 40-gigabyte hard drive the processes jobs extremely fast and is capable of handling enormously large files through the standard driver. In doing so it sets a new productivity standard and allows for easy unmanned printmaking environments. The Canon ipf8000 is simply much faster than the Epson 9800, they are almost uncomparable when it comes to speed.

Canon iPF8000 Aesthetics

Just take a look at it in the picture above - the Canon imagePROGRAF ipf8000 is beautiful. It was designed with style in mind and when you see it, it looks like a high quality wide format printer that a fine art printmaking business should have. Not only does the Canon ipf8000 look like a quality inkjet printer, it performs like one. When you put a roll onto the printer and use the roll feeding mechanism, or if you load sheets, you can just feel the high quality parts of the printer as they grab the media, put it into place, and feed it through. On the other hand, the Epson 9800 is widely criticized for appearing less expensive, if you will, all across the board.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8000 General Features

Industry’s first 12-colour pigment ink 44” printer Encompassing a twin print-head design, the iPF8000 delivers exceptional quality at blistering speeds – 10sqm per hour Incredible 2,400 x 1,200 dpi reproduction thanks to new twin print-head 12-colour pigment ink system Outstanding color stability, ultra glossy feel and high abrasion resistance Continuous performance thanks to ink-tank replacement during printing Designed with users in mind – large LCD panel plus loading and output are all carried out at the front of the device.