Press Release: Allure Aqueous Photo Panel Launch

Breathing Color announces the product launch of Allure Photo Panels, a coated aluminum that can be printed on directly using an aqueous printer.

Breathing Color announces the product launch of Allure Photo Panels, a revolutionary new metal product that can be printed on directly using your existing Epson printer and OEM inks. This allows printmakers to sell metal prints without investing in all of the expensive equipment that's used for Dye Sublimation metal prints, as well as eliminating the waste typically associated with the Dye Sublimation process. Allure direct-print metal is the ideal solution for producing extremely high-quality metal prints at a better cost.

There are a number of notable features that make Allure a breakthrough:

Pigmented Inks Versus Dye Inks

Everyone knows that pigmented ink is far superior in terms of archivability and light fastness. Skip the color fading. Skip the short 10 year display life.

Same Inkjet Coating Tech As BC's Canvas and Paper

If you know anything about Breathing Color, you know that we’ve been manufacturing the most advanced inkjet coatings in the world for the past 15 years. With award-winning products like Lyve Canvas, Optica One, and Elegance Velvet papers, our proprietary coating technology is matched by none. Now we’ve taken this chemistry and tweaked it for this directly-printable metal. Talk about fantastic print quality. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Minimize Your Inventory; Use One Metal For All Finishes

No need to stock separate aluminum sheets for your matte, satin, and gloss metal prints. With Allure, you can customize the finish using only the lamination. Stocking three rolls of different lamination is much more cost effective and space efficient. Additionally, using the laminate film opens up a whole new variety of available textures and finishes such as luster, crystal matte, canvas, linen, and more.

No Need For A Special Printer

No need to buy a special printer or go through the hassle of converting your ink system to something special. No need to dedicate a printer to only one printing process. Take your Epson large format printer, load the Allure sheet, and print away.

Eliminate Dye Sub Waste

If you’ve ever done a couple of dye sub aluminum prints, you know there can be a ton of waste. Pits, pinholes, craters, debris, chipping, cracking. Redoing a big metal print is no fun. Our aqueous coating allows for a much cleaner printable product.

Extremely High Resolution

Skipping the dye sublimation transfer process and printing direct to the metal allows for a higher resolution end product. Think fine art and photo paper prints.

Skip The Expensive Heat Press

Save your $10,000-$20,000 and a huge piece of floor space. Skip the heat press and print direct.

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