About Us

Breathing Color® is a designer and supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, papers, and canvas coatings. We are focused on the art and photographic markets with products that lead the industry color and longevity. Breathing Color® customers benefit from the highest quality at competitive prices by buying direct.

The Company was founded in January 2003 by a group of industry pioneers who have spent over fifteen years experimenting with wide ranges of color, substrates, coatings and equipment in order to create a diverse line of award-winning inkjet canvas and papers with proprietary inkjet receptive coatings (IRC). Simply put, these proprietary IRC's deliver a measurably superior color gamut, dmax, and longevity and are therefore at the heart of what differentiates Breathing Color as a leading inkjet canvas and paper manufacturer.

At Breathing Color, we believe that every product we develop must provide its users with a significant technical and financial advantage. To continually deliver on such a high standard, we have assembled a development team of chemists and engineers that are amongst the brightest minds and most experienced in this entire industry. Individuals within the team are rewarded and promoted based upon creative contributions they make towards the advancement of color gamut, dmax, and longevity during new product development. We believe that this culture has made innovation our most recognized and concrete talent.

A few of our development team's accomplishments are our award-winning Elegance Velvet Platinum Edition and Chromata White Canvas. These breakthrough products have received industry-wide recognition for their leadership in three major competitive categories -- color, longevity, and price. They have become known as the flagship products of our Company.

At Breathing Color, we understand that innovation begins with leadership. Breathing Color® management and employees - ranging from our President across to our warehouse manager - are comprised of natural born leaders. Our President, Mr. Nick M. Friend was recently honored by the Orange County Business Journal's "Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards 2007" with his nomination amongst a select group of distinguished entrepreneurs in Orange County, California. The Orange County Business Journal recognized Mr. Friend for his role as founder and President of Breathing Color, inc.

At the heart of Breathing Color is a humble, fair, dedicated, ambitious and creative culture. Breathing Color values its culture and takes great care to preserve and perpetuate it. Our culture is driven by the obligations we have to our customers, communities, and the industry in which we work. At Breathing Color we believe must fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability. Reserves must be created, research must be carried on, adventurous programs developed, and mistakes paid for. Adverse times must be provided for, new equipment and supplies purchased, new plants built, new locations opened, new products launched, and new expansion plans developed. We must experiment with new ideas and be open to change.

Breathing Color® is truly a one of a kind experience designed to benefit printmaking businesses everywhere in the world, and we hope to make you a believer in Love at First Sight™ with your very first print.

Our Advantage

Today, inkjet receptive coatings (IRC) designers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) all use an inefficient supply chain of distributors and dealers who market their products for them. In turn, each company in this supply chain (typically there are three) applies their mark up, which drives up the end-user price each time. This explains how inkjet substrates (papers and ink) have come to be as expensive as they are.

Breathing Color was founded because we believe that a significant opportunity exists to design and manufacture industry leading inkjet canvas and papers, while at the same time market them ourselves directly to end users. In doing so, we will have the unique ability to offer unrivaled competitive pricing, knowledge, support, and flexibility with our customers. We want to have a direct dialogue with our customers because we view it as an opportunity to learn and make improvements.

At Breathing Color, we believe that our first responsibility is to the artists, publishers, printmakers, galleries, and frame shops who use our products. We believe that our products must lead the industry in innovation and technology and they must always be of the highest quality. We believe that we must constantly strive to reduce the cost of these products in a responsible effort to help our customers succeed. Our orders must be promptly and accurately filled. Support must be promptly and sufficiently provided. We believe that a Love at First Sight™ experience must be delivered to everyone.

Over the years, the industry has come to acknowledge our unique contribution as The Breathing Color Advantage™.

Our Purpose

To open the people of the world’s eyes towards a better life through the experience and enjoyment of art and photography.

We understand that in the process of creating art, we are only one component of many.  however, we are a vitally important component.  and, we will not wait around for others to step forward in a leadership role to expand the possibilities in the world of art and photography.  instead, we will fulfill the leadership role and we will step forward.  we will constantly push the envelope through continual experimentation and innovation.

International Distribution Opportunities

Breathing Color seeks to further its international distribution by working alongside small business owners in regional marketplaces across the world.

If you are interested in speaking with a representative about Breathing Color International Distribution Opportunities, please email us here .