900S Canvas

for Solvent/UV/Latex Inks

Affordable High End Prints

Available in both gloss and satin finishes

  • * Outstanding image clarity and sharp detail/resolution
  • * Highest color density and Dmax
  • * Thick 2-over-1 Oxford weave patter results in luxurious feel
  • * Easy to Stretch - No cracking
  • * Scuff resistant printed surface
  • * Prints are simple to clean with water-damp cloth
  • * Gloss and satin finishes  |  21 mil thickness  |  400 gsm weight


21 mil, 400 GSM, Poly-Cotton Canvas for Solvent, Latex, and UV Ink

Available in both gloss and satin finishes.

900S Canvas is a 400 GSM bright white poly-cotton blend canvas, for solvent, latext, and UV ink, that is specifically designed for the décor market. It is a no frills, low-cost alternative that still delivers exceptional print quality.

900S is ideal for short-term photography, fine art reproduction, indoor signage, backdrops, murals, and more. 900S is manufactured with large amounts of Optical Brightener Additives which give it a high white point, wide color gamut, and high Dmax value. It is highly durable, water proof, and scratch resistant.

Note: This product is only compatible with solvent, UV, and latex ink printers.

Other Product Information

These no frills products are deliberately made without archival certification, marketing investment, and packaging flair in order to keep prices as low as possible. The 900S Satin and 900S Gloss line is designed to provide high volume printmakers and budget conscious consumers with reliable, low cost alternatives to major brands.

Compatible Inkjet Printers

This Product has been compatibility tested and approved for the following printers. If you do not see your printer listed below, it does not mean it is not compatible but that we have not tested and approved your printer at this time.


GS6000, SureColor S30670, S50670, S70670


SolJet Pro II Series: All Eco-Sol and MAX Ink

SolJet Pro III Series: XJ-740, XJ-640

SolJet Pro 4 Series: XR-640, XF-640

VersaArt: RE-640

VersaCAMM: VS-640, VS-540, VS-420, VS-300, SP-540i, SP-300i

VersaSTUDIO: BN-20

VersaUV: LEJ-640, LEC-540, LEC-330, LEC300A, LEF-12


Designjet L26500, Designjet L28500, HP Designjet L65500, HP Scitex LX600, HP Scitex LX820, HP Scitex LX850, Solvent, Low-Solvent, and UV Flatbed


JV-3-160SP, JV3-250SP, JV3-75SPII, JV33, JV5


Tomahawk, Falcon II, Toucan LT (Eco-Solvent Plus Ink), ValueJet 1204, ValueJet 1324, ValueJet 1624, ValueJet 1638, ValueJet 2638


Arizona 318 GL, Arizona 440 GT, Arizona 440 XT, Arizona 460 GT, Arizona 460 XT, Arizona 480 GT, Arizona 480 XT, Arizona 550 GT, Arizona 550 XT

EFI Vutek

GS5000r, GS3250r, GS3250LX, GS3250, GS2000LX, GS2000, QS3 Pro, QS2 Pro, QS3250r, QS3220, QS2000


All Durst printers using solvent, eco-sol, UV, and latex ink

Downloads - Spec Sheet

inkjet canvas data sheet    

  1. Canvas sags more in the direction of the weave, typically horizontal
  2. Sagging can happen from under or over tightening
  3. Environment plays a huge part - high constant humidity will relax canvas
  4. For dry environments, spritzing the back of a sagging canvas with hot, distilled water can help re-tighten.
  5. Start stapling on longest dimension & staple clean line. Move to the opposite side, not around the edge of the frame.
  6. Add cross bars and corner keys after full framing.
  7. Putting a bead of archival glue on the bars as you set the edge helps hold tension and keep it all even and flat.
  8. Frame in a high humid environment then move to a drier environment.
  9. More information can be found in this article.

  Retail Qty
900S Canvas - 30"x10' Trial Roll, Gloss $1995
900S Canvas - 30"x75', Gloss $18563
900S Canvas - 44"x75', Gloss $27225
900S Canvas - 54"x75', Gloss $33413
900S Canvas - 60"x75', Gloss $37125
900S Canvas - 64"x75', Gloss $39600
900S Canvas - 30"x10' Trial Roll, Satin $1995
900S Canvas - 30"x75', Satin $18563
900S Canvas - 44"x75', Satin $27225
900S Canvas - 54"x75', Satin $33413
900S Canvas - 60"x75', Satin $37125
900S Canvas - 64"x75', Satin $39600
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