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Giclee Canvas Art, Giclee Canvas

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Benefits of Giclee Canvas Art

For those looking to spruce up their office, home or workspace with fine art, giclee canvas art is an excellent option. Giclee canvas gives the same elegant look of an original oil painting, and there is even technology available to give these canvases the authentic look and feel of brushstrokes. Some of the most famous and popular artists of all-time are featured on giclee canvas. From Monet to Rembrandt to Van Gogh, you will be able to duplicate the authentic look and feel of the works of these masters on any giclee canvas.

Why to use Giclee Canvas

The museum quality of these reproductions is sure to give anybody the prestige and satisfaction of a serious fine art collector. In fact, giclee canvas art does not even need to be framed with glass to look amazing - it can be a stretched gallery wrap style which is used for a canvas photo, which makes for great canvas prints. The natural texture of the canvas gives these prints the look and feel of an original oil painting. Also, prints on giclee canvas are tougher and more durable than conventional paper prints. It has been consistently shown that giclee canvas lasts longer than anything else available on the market.

Durability of Giclee Canvas

Tests conducted on giclee canvas show they have a life expectancy of 100-200 years. Plus, when printed on high-quality heavyweight art paper, these prints possess archival standards of collectable artwork. The visual quality of giclee canvas artis visually stunning. These prints are reproduced with such precision that no dots, blurs or lines are even discernable to the naked eye. It would take a high-powered microscope to even determine how the prints were created.

Giclee printing uses a spinning roller which sprays infinitely small pixels of rich, vibrant archival inks onto the giclee canvas at a very high rate of speed. This system produces amazingly smooth and vibrant images true to the original painting. Giclee canvas artis quickly becoming the new standard in the fields of art and photography. It is widely praised for its exceptional quality by major artists, photographers, galleries and museums. Giclee Prints are, without question, the closest replication of original artwork that is currently possible.

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