Comparing Traditional Gallery Wraps vs EasyWrappe

Monster canvas stretched with EasyWrappeimage credit of Renotype and Talbot Photography

With the recent launch of our new Easywrappe product we have been getting a number of questions about how the product works and what it can do.  Two in particular have been raised enough that we felt we should devote a quick blog post to their answer.

Wait what is the EasyWrappe anyway?

If you have not yet seen the product then you can check out the EasyWrappe here.  For those that have lets get to the questions.

#1 What about staples? Can we still use Staples with the EasyWrappe?

The short answer is yes! Although one of the fantastic advantages of the product is that it was designed to work without staples, some printers might find their customers like the look of a traditional gallery wrap with staples. If thats the case, then it’s no problem at all! Our friends over at Beaux Arts Photography were kind enough to send over some photos of the finished product.


#2 When can I get the cutter shown in the video?

The cutter used in the EasyWrappe video will be available by the end of the year. If you are a current customer then you will be notified when it becomes available. Or you can subscribe to our email newsletter by signing up in the top of the column to the right and we will let you know when it’s ready.

Want to Give EasyWrappe a Shot?

Our simple, do-it-yourself gallery wrap system allows you to stretch your canvas prints literally in minutes! No tools or experience is required, and the end results is perfectly professional. Get $20 OFF EasyWrappe today! Use code EW20 at checkout.

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  • Anonymous

    Another question I get frequently is: “Will the adhesive hold over time?”

    The archival glue that comes with an EasyWrappe Trial Kit should be used on EVERY print you stretch with EasyWrappe. Applying the glue is a mandatory step in the EasyWrappe process. I try to think of it as the adhesive tape acting as the “pliers” holding the canvas, and the archival glue as the “staples” holding the print together.

  • Paul Morales

    The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive thus far on EasyWrappe. This effectively shows the classic look of a traditional wrap combined with the ease of use with EasyWrappe. This has so far been VERY popular this Holiday season!