Insights Into The Photos on Canvas Business Model

image compliments of Northern Graphic & Design Limited

The photos on canvas business model is relatively new in the digital printing industry. If you have been printing photos on canvas as a service for 5 years, consider yourself a pioneer.

Industry Movement

It is one facet of this industry that has seen dramatic growth since its inception, and continues to grow, despite the radical changes in the global economic climate. The exact opposite appears to be the case in the fine art market. The way I see it, the photos on canvas model is very successful for two reasons.

  • 1) High perceived value for a reasonable price. The cost of a canvas print with your own photograph is significantly lower than that of a fine art canvas print. Consumers are basically paying for the product and the service, but not for the creativity or work of an artist.
  • 2) The novelty of having your own photograph printed and stretched on canvas rather than a traditional glossy photo paper. I constantly watch friends, family, trade show attendees light up when they see a high resolution photograph stretched on canvas. This is a brand new product for the digital age, where everyone has a high-resolution digital camera. With a low cost product that has widespread consumer appeal and high profit margins…photos on canvas appears to be a winning business model that is here to stay.
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