Introducing the BC App. For iPhone, Android, & more.

Hello All,

What if I told you that you could…

  • Alarm a tech support 911 situation, 24-7
  • Track your orders
  • View your invoices
  • Calculate how much product remains on a roll
  • And one-click call, text, or email us for Support…
  • Read The Art of Printmaking, our online magazine
  • Watch our tutorial Videos

All from your mobile phone?


THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT (hat tip to the great Steve Jobs).

Say hello to the BC App. Where you can do all of these things, and more. And, it’s 100% Free.

Our long standing goal has always been to provide you with the best products in the world. Year after year, your feedback has assured us that we’ve delivered on this.

Now, we’ve expanded this goal to include absolutely first-class Service & Support and we’re well on our way to delivering on it.

Almost two years ago, we launched our free online magazine “The Art of Printmaking” to provide insider printmaking tips, tricks, and techniques. With this, we have maintained the highest standard for digital printmaking content in the industry and by doing so have built a large and loyal following.

Now, we’re giving you the BC App – another incredible support tool that is 100% free. All of these tools are here to help you learn, grow, and get the support you need fast and effectively. We’re all about making things as easy for you as possible.

In true Breathing Color style, we’ve just raised the bar a couple more notches. Give us your feedback. Tell us what you like, or don’t like. Don’t forget to let us know what you want to see next.


Nick Friend

See the app in action

How to get the App:

iPhone users:

Step 1: Launch Safari and go to

Step 2: Click on the middle button in Safari and select Add to Home Screen.

Step 3: Click the Add button and you’re done!

Android users:

Go to Playstore, search Breathing Color, and download the app. All done!

All other mobile devices:

Open your web browser, go to and bookmark it. All done!

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  • Mhuckebaphotoimages

    Will this work on the iPad?

    • Paul Morales

      Yes it will. Simply follow the same instructions for iPhone users and you’ll be ready to go!

  • Brad Grigor

    Maybe I’m missing something, but this “app” seems more like a shell over a web site than an actual app. I think that’s a bit unfortunate since some features, like the remaining roll calculator, could be implemented without a network connection.

    The remaining roll calculator is something I will use regularly in the studio. I have written an Excel spreadsheet that I printed on a small card that I keep near my micrometer so I can guestimate the remaining roll before I re-box it. When a new media comes along, it does take a bit of work to update the spreadsheet, print out a new card, etc. A handheld electronic version could be much better.

    Here are a couple of ways I think the BC app could be made even better:
    – make the remaining roll calculator a standalone app (no need for a data connection)
    – program the core diameters of the BC products right into field. This would be a value add for BC and a time saver for me.
    – let me add third party core diameters to the list that are saved on my phone. Again, a real time saver for me.

    A BC app is an interesting move…keep up the innovation.

    Thanks so much.