Customize Your Epson Print Settings with just ONE Click

Are you tired of being forced to use generic settings that are already built into the Epson print driver? Do you wish there was a way to store your media specific settings to quickly and easily recall later? Believe it or not, but there is a way to do it, and it’s already available with your current driver! Follow this quick guide to see how you can setup your own customized settings and use them later with just one click…

Let’s setup customized settings for our new Pura Smooth Fine Art Paper. After we’ve setup these custom settings, we will save them for future use. Here’s how:

Step 1: File Menu>Print. Adjust your settings so you see what’s listed here (Click on image to enlarge):

Step 2: Click on Print Settings (Page Setup if using a Photoshop version prior to CS5), and adjust your settings to what you see here (Click on image to enlarge):

Step 3: Open the Paper Configuration window and set the Platen Gap to “Wider”:

Step 4: Now, let’s save our settings: Next to Select Setting a the top of the window, click on Save/Del…

Step 5: In the window that pops up, enter the product name in the Name field and click Save:

All set! You can now recall all of these settings simply by selecting your new preset:

This is a quick and easy way to save you time by recalling each of your media settings with just one click of the mouse. Do you have any additional tips to add? I’d love to hear them!

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  • Dick

    This also works for the Mac version of Photoshop.

    • Paul Morales

      Yes, it does…but the Preset function is in a different location. In the drop-down menu of the driver, select “Save As” from the “Presets” drop-down menu. A window will appear, and you can type the name of the preset and click Ok. If you leave it blank and don’t Ok it, you’ll lose the settings that were just created.

  • Jerry

    Is it the same for Epson 9600/CS4 on a Mac?

    • Paul Morales

      Hi Jerry,

      After you’ve setup all of your print settings, select “Save As” from the “Presets” drop-down menu. Type a name in the field and click Ok.

  • Rowl

    i have epson 1400 can you work it on that!

    • Paul Morales

      Hi Rowl,
      To the best of my knowledge, the R1400 printer driver interface is the same as what’s shown above. Does your driver look different than what you see here?

  • ink cartridges

    Its not a single click however some clicks makes it best for us. thanks 

    • Paul Morales

      When selecting the preset, it’s just one click each time (rather than going through all the settings each time). Sorry, I would agree that the title may not be perfectly clear in that regard.

  • JK Dennis

    I’m using LightRoom 3.6 on a 64 bit Windows 7 box and can’t find how to get to this window to setup LightRoom to manage colors:

    Step 1: File Menu>Print. Adjust your settings so you see what’s listed here (Click on image to enlarge):
    Any clue will do…


  • Alok Upadhyay

    i have Epson 6000 can i setting like that above


    I want to backup all my preset…Where are they stored in windows 7?

    • lex

      see the program data

      • lex


  • btc

    I have just started to use CS6 Extended but how do I change to canvas media as there is no setting in the programme.I have used CS5 with no problem.Please help as my canvas prints look washed out.