How to Build a DIY HVLP Spray Booth for Under $125

Varnish has always been a popular topic here on The Breathing Color Blog.

Whether we’re talking about how to properly apply it, or how to avoid ruining your work with it, we’re always thrilled to see your responses to varnish discussion.

With that in mind, we’re happy to bring this helpful DIY post, originally published in 2011, back from archives, updated with new products available in 2015.

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How to Choose an Inkjet Paper for Printing

How to Choose the Right Paper for Printing
Fountain of Grace – Printed on Baryta Paper

Without fail, one of the most common questions asked by students in printing classes is how to choose a paper for a specific image.

With the wealth and diversity of superb inkjet papers on the market today, even experienced printmakers have difficulty with how to choose the right paper for printing.

The number of choices can simply be overwhelming.

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