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What if I told you that you could…

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All from your mobile phone?


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Best Selling Gallery Wrap Sizes

So what are the Best Selling Gallery Wrap Sizes?

Are you considering offering gallery wrapped canvas prints to your customers for the first time? Not sure which are the most popular sizes to carry while evaluating the concept and opportunity? This article will help you get started…

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Learn From The Experts: Marcus Bell

learn from the experts: Marcus Bell

Finding top quality experts is difficult enough as is, to find such an expert that is also a celebrity, can be even tougher. For this edition of Learn From the Experts we are fortunate to have caught up with both in Photographer Marcus Bell. Marcus was gracious enough to grant us an interview just before flying off to Bali to shoot his next wedding master piece.

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Learn From The Experts: Michael Gilbert

In our “Learn From the Experts” series, we are conducting in-depth interviews with internationally recognized artists, photographers, and printmakers. The series will focus on techniques used, equipments/supplies they love, business insight, and overall advice based on their personal success. The series is designed to help you advance your art or business based on solid advice and insights from leaders in the field.

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9 Magazines Critical for Any Photographer

photo magazines

During my seminars, students always ask me for advice on the most important photography magazines out of the dozens and dozens available that will keep them both current and growing in knowledge.  Well, one certainly cannot subscribe to all of the available magazine options, let alone read through all of them every month.  So I’ve compiled a short list of what I find to be the most critical, with a quick thought of why on each of them.  This should help you find the right magazine(s) for your style and taste of photography, and also for what you might find useful from a business perspective.

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Learn From The Experts: Tim Walden

learn from the experts, breathing color

This week we start new series titled Learn From the Experts. For each post we will be conducting in-depth interviews with internationally recognized artists, photographers, and printmakers. The series will focus on techniques used, equipments/supplies they love, business insights, and overall advice based on their personal success.

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Find Out Why Appearances Send Strong Messages

photo plus expo breathing color team

On one occasion at a trade show, a friend of mine, who was employed by a competitor, approached our booth and said, “You guys are so serious!….all dressed up in suits!  Come on, these are photographers!  They’re so casual!”

If you ever attend a photography trade show such as Photo Plus, Imaging USA, etc., you’ll come across a handful of companies who sell inkjet media just as we do.  Each company is presenting to the public all that they have to offer.  As you walk from booth to booth, you’ll see samples of all the different types of media, and you’ll hear company representatives explain why their products are better than the competition.  And like clockwork, as my friend referred to above, you will find the representatives from these different companies very casually dressed – either in t-shirts or golf shirts that bear their company logo.

Everyone Just Looks the Same

Despite differences in corporate colors, there aren’t many differences between the appearance and message of these companies.  Imagine how confusing this can be for photographers, who come to this show to learn and make decisions for their business.  After a whole day of visiting these booths, seeing the same types of media but just under different brands, hearing the same claims from representatives who more or less wearing the same attire, it’s a wonder how any photographer could leave the show with a unique message or feeling about any of these brands.

Enter Breathing Color.

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