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Quick Question – September 2015

To further our never-ending quest to create the best printmaking blog on the web, we want your feedback!

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Quick Question – August 2015

To further our never-ending quest to create the best printmaking blog on the web, we want your feedback!

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SOP – #AskBC podcast checklist

SOP - #AskBC podcasting checklist

THis is a step by step checklist for authoring #askBC podcast posts
    • Name: [Title of Episode]
    • Artist: Breathing Color
    • Album: #AskBC
    • Album Artist: BreathingColor.com
    • Track Number: [Episode Number] out of “0”
    • Year: None/Blank
    • Artwork: Drag #AskBC Logo from Desktop
    • Host: ftp.libsyn.com
    • Username: marketing@breathingcolor.com
    • Password: Lakers1234
    • Destination Folder: AskBC > dropbox

Latex Media

Latex Media

Latex Media

Amazing quality. Drastic ink cost savings.

Looking for Canvas compatible with latest inks?

We are Breathing Color and we have been manufacturing inkjet printable media for over 15 years

Now we have turned our focus to latex media.

Breathing Color Design Task


For this task Breathing Color is the company you are going to be working for. You can checkout their website and blog below. Please check this out to get an idea of brand and colors that they use.


The Task

Create a template we can use for our youtube page thumbnails.

I want to do our own version of what you see on this channel here

Specifically these type of images


Here is an example of how the images will be used both for blog post images + the youtube thumbnail itself
screenshots two


What I like about these images

  • they clearly establish his brand
  • they are clean looking
  • make great use of his colors and text
  • I like the color overlay over a real image
  • The text pops when the thumbnails are small but also still looks good when you see the images bigger

Breathing Color currently uses Roboto as their main font. So the design should incorporate that font but you are free to include any others as you see fit.


A link to some images you can use for background images

The Breathing Color Youtube Page


Please create a few different options for this project to choose from.

You can use the files above or use your own.

You can use any title that is on the Breathing Color Youtube page for the text.

Photoshop file sized 1280 X 720 with layers that can be used as template going forward for all future youtube videos


Questions? Email me patrick21@gmail.com

About Test

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Canvas Stretchers


Canvas Stretchers

Superior Quality | Lower Prices

Canvas Stretchers

You are looking for canvas stretchers that are high quality, easy to use, and are ideal for gallery wraps. That’s a given!

What about a unique design profile which will provide your canvas prints with a high quality look on the front side as well as the back side? All our canvas stretchers are rounded and beautifully beveled which allows for minimal contact with the canvas.

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So What Makes Ours Different?

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What folks are saying about our Canvas Stretchers

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4 Options for Stretching Canvas Prints

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