Become a Varnish Master with Our New eBook!

This week we introduce a new addition to our educational library: The Breathing Color eBook “Varnishing Tips and Tricks”. If you really want to master the art of varnishing, you won’t want to miss the information that’s packed in here!

At Breathing Color, we have always given our best efforts to provide comprehensive information on printing, varnishing, stretching, and so much more. Tutorial documents, instructional videos, podcasts, and articles from the experts are just a few things we’ve completed for you. As we continue to add new articles and videos to The Art of Printmaking and our website, we realized that this information needed to be packed into one place. So we started by created an eBook on “Varnishing Tips and Tricks”. With the eBook format, you can easily share each video and article we’ve written on varnishing with one webpage.

Click on the image below to read through our Varnishing Tips and Tricks:

***You can also download this eBook as a PDF! While viewing the eBook in full screen, click on the Download PDF button at the top of the screen.

We have more eBooks on the way, and would love to get your input! What topic would you like to see covered in our next eBook?

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  • Tim

    Make an IOS app of the eBook.

    • Artur Patkowski

      Thanks for the idea, Tim. We’ll definitely explore that!

  • Marshall Cant

    Great little eBook. RE: Spray Booth. Here’s a tip for a relatively inexpensive but VERY effective 10 ft x 10 ft booth. Purchase a 10 X 10 “pop up” tent with walls. I purchased one from Costco for $199. Inside I use a an air filter to remove dust (let it run before coating) and another that blows from outside the booth to create “positive pressure”. The tent aluminum structure can easily hold lights, hangers for prints etc. Inside I have a table for rolling, and two 4 x 8 wall mounted spray surfaces (white peg board). Works like a charm.

    • Artur Patkowski

      Wow Marshall, that’s great information! Thank you!
      If you have any photos of your setup, we’d love to see them.

  • Syd Akman

    Have you guys heard of Apple and iPads? I would love to have this ebook to read but apparently it was developed to be invisible to iPad owners! You might want to check out some better technology!

    • Artur Patkowski

      Hi Syd, thanks for the comment. The E-book is created in flash format, which I understand does not open on apple devices. I emailed you the PDF version of the E-book that you can open in iBooks or Newsstand. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Matt Stark

        Can you email it to me as well please? Thanks. Matt(dot)stark(at)procolorgraphics(dot)com

  • Anonymous

    Great eBook guys!  The strainer on page 7 was a big help to a few print shops I work. They are trying get extra miles out of their coating.  Their coating was sitting on the shelf for almost 6 months.  All it took was some stirring and the strainer from page 7 and everything’s working great.  Thanks for the book, very helpful.

  • FrancoisH

    I’ve been trying to access this ebook, but I only get an endlessly spinning wheel…
    Could you please put a direct link to the PDF somewhere, or send me the PDF ?
    Thanks !

  • Arzjoe

    I am enjoying your articles as I plan my set-up for large format printing on canvas.
    I can’t access the above eBook. I am getting the perpetual spinning wheel. Could you post or email me a link?
    Thank you,

  • Dennis

    The ebook doesn’t want to come up on my Mac. It’s just a black with the spinning wheel in it????

  • Stan

    Win7 X64, latest Flash version, just uninstalled, rebooted, downloaded, and reinstalled.

    Can’t get the ebook to come up, just the spinning wheel.

    I could get it when it first came out, but not now.


  • Jan S.

    Windows 7 64bit – Just seeing spinning wheel

  • dennis

    Mac OS 10.6.8
    Spinning wheel only.
    No download as PDF link at top of blog. Unable to view or download

  • Stan

    Thanks for fixing the access to the ebook!

  • Rsnover

    No pdf download button on iPad.