Adam Hill

Adam Hill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Breathing Color, Inc. comes from a distinguished family lineage of entrepreneurs dating back to the 1700's who wasted no time developing his talents - beginning at age five. He learned diverse principles of entrepreneurship and hard work, but most importantly, at a very young age Adam learned and experienced the value of devoting oneself entirely to the customer.

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Insights Into The Photos on Canvas Business Model


image compliments of Northern Graphic & Design Limited The photos on canvas business model is relatively new in the digital printing industry. If you have been printing photos on canvas as a service for 5 years, consider yourself a pioneer.

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Learn More About UV Inhibitors, and the Truth about Print Longevity

archival testing print permanence

UV INHIBITORS IN PRINT VARNISHES It seems like there has been a lot of discussion recently regarding UV inhibitors in post-print protective laminates (giclee varnish). While I am pleased to see the genuine concern for archival properties and longevity of giclee prints, I feel that the primary issue is being lost in the details. The [...]

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IUSA 2009 – Solvent Technology Introduction

I just returned home from the imaging usa show… …in Phoenix (Jan 2009), some of the best and most well-respected photographers attend this show. We had a 64″ Roland XJ (eco-solvent printer) in our booth, to show off the quality of our new line of archival, solvent canvas, PureG. I was pleasantly surprised by the [...]

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